Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is that picture obscene?  It seems a little dirty to me.  I just wanted to get across to you how much milk Puney has.  Her calf only takes from the front two girl parts so that leaves the back two full.  Now, if you've ever breast fed a baby before you know that can be very painful.  So , in a way, to me,  we're doing Puney a great service by milking her.
You know that's what I'm all about is service.  Here's me serving Puney by relieving her of some of that milk.  Don't worry the baby still gets more than plenty on the front two.  My very first time milking and I must say I did pretty well.  You're welcome, Puney and I'll come help you out again tonight.


  1. Does this mean you will have milk for sale in the near future???
    Good job!

  2. milking a cow really is something i must try some day!